The other day I decided to pos a couple of tweets about this site.  I was venting about how hard it is to put effort into a site that I know no one is looking at.  I don’t promote the site and the purpose isn’t to get views, but the fact no one looks at it makes it hard to put much effort into posts at times.

arizona asphalt beautiful blue sky
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I actually forgot about my tweets until one of my fellow scholars responded.  I immediately felt embarrassed because the site is not the best I can do look and feel wise.  I know that because on top of this site I am the site manager for two other sites.  My VSU Alumni chapter site gets most of my attention.   A few times a month I have to make changes that are requested.   Of course this is all for free, but I treat it like a job and try  to make all requested changes within a few hours.

Coming back to this site, I rarely post and never make changes to the look and feel.

It’s time for me to try out a new theme for a bit!