As a big guy with a desk job I understand it’s important to workout regularly.  In my effort to achieve this goal I’ve had a membership at two different gyms for years.  My thought was depending on my mood I can go to a gym that suites me.  Instead I end up going to the gym no more than twice a week consistently.

A few times a week I make plans to go to the gym but rarely do.  Some excuses I make are;

  • I can’t find my gloves
  • I cant find my earphones
  • My kids are about to wake up
  • My wife may need something from the store when she wakes up
  • This is a good show
  • And my personal favorite, I’ll go tomorrow.

The truth is not a single excuse I listed physically keeps me from going to the gym. If my kids were in trouble and going to the gym would save them those excuses wouldn’t even cross my mind.

I need to get serious about working out.  When I find myself making up excuses for not working out I’m going to ignore them, because I understand any excuse will do.