We traveled to Charlotte to support Micah in his first Track meeting of the 2018 outdoor track season.  When I got there I went to check out the stadium while my family stayed in the car due to the rain.  As soon as I got in the stadium I was greeted by his coach who felt the need to talk about Micah’s work ethic. I laughed it off and went back to the car.

Despite the rain and Micah only running one event my wife, our kids, my cousin Tina, my cousin Taelyn,  my mother, and I had a good time.  One highlight of being out in the rain was watching my daughter jump up and down to splash water that was forming on the bleachers.

I left the meet thinking how blessed I am to have family who will come and support on a moments notice.  I hope Micah left understanding that family will be there to support him no matter what.